Welcome to the farm!

Pastured Life Farm is a family farm located in North Central Florida. Focused on creating natural, wholesome foods in accordance with nature.

Specializing in Non-GMO Pasture raised chicken, eggs, pork, and grass-fed dairy.
Working in harmony with nature, to produce nutrient dense wholesome foods.

cows on iron clay peas small

Some of the girls enjoying last summers growth of iron clay peas.

Following in the Pasture-Based farming methods of Joel Salatin, we believe in raising multiple animal species together. The symbiotic relationship shared by our cattle, pigs, chickens and turkeys provides a diverse polycultural environment. Through intensive grazing management utilizing frequent rotation, we are able to provide a healthy environment and natural diet for our animals, and one that does not require the use of ANY chemical wormers or antibiotics. All of our herbivores (cattle, goats, etc.) have 100% forage/grass based diets. All omnivores such as our pigs and poultry are given only Non-GMO diets in addition to their natural foraging of plants, grasses, nuts and insect life. In short, we simply allow our animals to live, act, and eat as they would in nature.