NON-GMO Animal Feeds

NONGMOPROJECTWe are a distributor for Hiland Naturals NON-GMO Project verified animal feeds. Several years ago we were searching for the highest quality of NON-GMO animal feed – because Certified Organic isn’t enough when dealing with open-pollinated GM crops like soy and corn. We wanted grains that were DNA tested for GM, as well as grains that were naturally grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

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If you are new to pastured based farming or simply new to homesteading you probably have quite a few questions regarding what types of feed you may need and amounts. If you pasture your animals these amounts may be highly variable based on the time of year, the amount of natural foods growing on your land and the density of insect life. We are big believers in trying to encourage natural food sources by proper graze management and of course propagation of plant foods that will benefit our animal’s diets but when that is not enough animal feeds have to come in to play.

A common feed question is about meat birds:

If you are growing meat birds, here is a simple formula to use when calculating your feed costs. You should anticipate the average meat bird assuming a 7 to 8 week growth period will consume 15 lbs. of feed from hatch to butcher. For an example, if you have a batch of 100 meat birds you should purchase 1,500lbs of feed. Obviously you can use this multiplier to any number of birds. Often times we have feed left over based on the above but you always want to have a little left over versus be a little short. Other variables come in to play. For an example you may find during different times of the year your chickens gain well and consume less. Many variables will impact your results ranging from temperature, natural forage available, and stresses be it known or unkown. We find our spring chickens perform the best, however as the heat builds in the summer performance decreases.

In general we free feed most of our animals unless of course we are trying to control weight gain for breeding purposes. Since the NON-GMO grains used in our feeds are generally higher in protein, nutrition, and digestibility we typically notice a feed advantage over traditional commercial feeds. For an example, our meat chicken in general consume 10% less feed and gained 20% more weight over the same period of time on average. This is a significant number either when you are just growing several dozen for yourself or hundreds or thousands for sale. Additionally, we have better mortality rates and over all animal health.

Because we believe in the importance of NON-GMO grains, we have established a Buyers Cooperative with many other farms and feed retailers from all over Florida and South Georgia. Combining our buying power increases our purchasing power, and decreases the overall shipping costs, making it the most cost-effective means of feeding our animals, supplying other farms and supporting this movement. Can’t afford NON-GMO? It may be cheaper than you think! Contact us today for our current price and availability. We do keep several popular feed items in-stock and readily available for purchase at our farm.

We typically have feeds such as: chicken layer, chicken grower, chicken starter, swine grower, sow feed, goat feed, cattle feed and dairy feed on hand. We also carry whole NON-GMO grains such as corn, barley, wheat, and oats and other products such as Redmond salts, conditioners and Kelp.

We have both retail and volume pricing. To qualify for our Buyers Cooperative pricing you need to purchase at the minimum of (20) – 50 lbs. bags of feed at a time otherwise we are more than happy to sell Hiland Natural feeds at typically better than retail pricing (you still benefit from the volume shipping) for smaller purchases.

Local Retailers?

As much as we enjoy meeting folks that believe in the NON-GMO feed movement we realize for those of you with small flocks or a few animals to feed the distance to our farm may be too great. Fortunately, we are being contacted by more and more retailers that wish to carry NON-GMO animal feeds.

Below is a list of known retailers. If you have a feed store you visit already encourage them to contact us if you wish for them to carry our feeds:

Orange Park / West side Jacksonville area:

Bent Creek Feeds

St. Augustine:

Ruffled Feather Farm


A New Earth Food and Grocery
Facebook Page: A New Earth
(352) 282-2400
3423 E Silversprings Blvd Suite 9, Ocala, Florida 34470

We are more than happy to answer questions about the feed, our methods, and of course pricing.

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