Non-GMO Project Verified Feed 

When we began farming there was a huge desparity in the prices between conventional and organic feed. We knew we wanted to avoid the contaminants in conventional GM based feeds, but we were unable to afford the expense of Certified Organic feeds. We began to seek out suppliers who, at the time, were just breaking into this middle-ground feed market. However, shipping from these distant mills, proved challenging and expensive on our own. And so, our Feed Co-Op was born.


Now, we distribute for S&M Farms & Resaca Sun NON-GMO Project Verified feeds, as well as Fertrell livestock supplements and OMRI listed fertilizers. We order several semi-truckloads of feed co-cooperatively with local farms, and also ship from our farm all over Florida. 

If you’re interested in receiving additional information about the products available, please contact us below.