Family Freezer Special - 25 Broilers (4-5lbs.)

Family Freezer Special - 25 Broilers (4-5lbs.)

Chicken (Whole) - Broilers 4lbs. to 4.9lbs, in weight.
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Our Family Freezer Special is the best way for a family (or multiple families) to get the lowest possible price on chickens. 
$5/Chicken Deposit


25 Whole Chickens with all organs, heads & feet (If desired) 

The benefit of this special is you can have your chickens custom processed for only an additional $2.50 per bird versus paying retail price of packaged cuts. 

Our chickens raised for meat spend their days lounging in the shade of their portable pasture shelters that we move daily, giving them a buffet of fresh grass and insects; but also providing them with protection from predators like hawks, owls, foxes and coyotes. Sunshine, fresh air, exercise, fresh greens, bugs and good feed produce the highest quality chicken! The whole chicken is our staple product and traditional favorite among households who are serious about eating healthy and saving money! Leftover parts are ideal for making soup stock.