As the summer temperatures begin to wane, we're reminded that fall is beginning to creep up. From the slightly cooler mornings to the hints of Pumpkin Spice popping up on restaurant menus everywhere! This also means that Thanksgiving is also right around the corner. Thanksgiving can be a particularly special time of the year to celebrate our bountiful harvest with the purchase of a true farm-raised turkey.  

What better way than to support a small family than farm with a humanely raised centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table that was lovingly raised, on pasture in a habitat natural for turkeys. If you've never ordered a turkey from us before, this Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece will be unlike anything you have every experienced. Our return turkey customers can attest to the fact that our birds are juicy, loaded with flavor and the only things we've left out are the antibiotics, added hormones, nasty GMOs and the associated herbicides and pesticides. Our pastures are NEVER treated with chemical fertilizers, or any herbicides or pesticides. 

One of the key differences that enhances the health, resulting flavor and nutrient density of our turkeys is that they are given ample pasture to roam and plenty of nut producing trees like oak and wild chestnut (Chinquapin) as well as other native plants that have traditionally sustained the native turkey populations of the southeast. The exercise, and naturally varied diet produces a much deeper flavor profile and significantly higher nutrition than anything you'll find in a grocery store. Allowing turkeys to range and forage in an open natural setting allows them to live to their fullest, healthiest potential. Once you try a pastured raised turkey you will find no equal in taste and quality.

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