As Pastured-based farmers with more than 15 years in a niche industry that is relatively new and emerging, we are often sought for advice from aspiring farmers or farmers looking to scale up and trying to work out the details and logistics involved in doing so.

We currently contribute a significant amount of our time to the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APA), where Ginger serves on the board; we both participate as instructors and content creators for the benefit of Pastured Poultry producers worldwide. If you are considering a foray into pastured poultry, your first investment should be with APPPA www.apppa.org . We have written many articles for their publications (The APPPA Grit) and have produced videos for both APPPA and Mother Earth News on chicken processing, along with many free plans and blueprints for shelters and feeders, which are all available with membership in their organization.

By request, however, we do consult with farms directly and have over the years worked with farms within the United States, Australia, Africa, Europe, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. If your needs are more urgent and you wish to contact us directly, we are available for consultations at hourly and daily rates.

Our experience includes basic business development, poultry nutrition and feed resources, on-farm poultry harvest and advanced processing techniques, packaging, social media and other marketing channels,  and order fulfillment. 

Consulting Rates:

Dave or Ginger Shields individually:

Hourly - $175/hr (4hr minimum for onsite visits plus travel)
Daily - $1,250.00 /daily (plus travel)

Dave and Ginger Shields together:

Hourly - $300/hr (4hr minimum for onsite visits plus travel)
Daily - $2,250.00 /daily (plus travel)

You may contact us at info@pasturedlife.com