Black Garlic Balsamic

Black Garlic Balsamic

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It takes about 40 days of continuous heating to transform regular garlic into Black Garlic.
The garlic is then removed and infuse it into a 3 year old Italian Balsamic Of Modena.

It is very versatile. Can be used on meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables.

Of course it’s great as a salad dressing and loves tomatoes. Some say they don’t even need oil.

Add to chicken cacciatore or a pot roast. Put it in your favorite bbq sauce. Dip bread in it. I know a lady who puts it in her apple pie.
A dash of Black Garlic Balsamic in New Orleans style red beans (I use Camellia brand because they do) gives it that special note. I make mine with Farmer Dave’s turkey sausage. I cook the sausage in two parts. Half I cook into smaller pieces and longer to get more crispness and fond and the other a bit more chunky. Hard to beat and it makes a lot of meals.

A little Black Garlic Balsamic goes a long way. Always start with a little, you can always add more.

And as Farmer Dave says: “I love this stuff and use it on everything.”

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