Pork - Whole Pig Deposit

Pork - Whole Pig Deposit

Whole pig deposit.
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Our free range pork offers a very flavorful alternative to what most are used to in the store. We raise heritage Berkshire pigs for their tendency to micro-marbelize fat within the meat giving it a very flavorful and wonderful texture. In additional to the benefits of the Berkshire breed, our pigs range free in large paddocks under oak hammocks. This provides a huge benefit to meat quality and taste. Meat from free range pork has a tendency to be much more red in color and nothing like the grocery store counterpart you see.

In order to take advantage of the potential of the Berkshire qualities, our preferred butcher live weight is approximately 350 lbs. This yields the most bacon and proper marbelization of the meat.

Below is a breakdown of the typical yield of a whole pig and the types and number of cuts you can expect to receive for a whole pig. A half pig, would obviously be half of the cuts below. 

Live Weight: 350#

Hanging Weight: 245# (69% Ratio of Live to Hang)
Boston Butt - 4 Roasts  6.5#, 7#, 8#, 6.5#
Smoked Link Sausage - 12 Pkgs (3 - 12" Links/Pkg) 13#
Seasoned Pan Sausage - 20 Pkgs (1# Pkgs) 21#
Smoked Sliced Ham Steaks - 18 (1/Pkg - 1/2" Thick) 25#
Smoked Ham Hocks - 5 pkgs 3.75#
Pork Chops - 17 pks (4/pkg - 1" Thick) 40#
Smoked Sliced Jowl - 8 (0.5# Pkgs) 4#
Smoked Sliced Bacon - 18 pkgs (1 # Pkgs - Avg Thickness) 20#
Smoked Bacon Ends - 4 (0.5# Pkgs) 2.5#
Trimmed Fat for Lard - 2 Pkgs 24# 
Organs - 6.5# Packaged Individually : Kidney, Heart, Liver

Total - 193.5#

166# Assorted Cuts
24# Fat
6.5# Organs

75% Ratio Of Hang Weight to Product Returned. 

The cost of a whole pig is based solely on the hot carcass weight of the pig. With an average live weight of 350lbs. the hot carcass weight (minus head, feet, organs, and skin) is typically 70% of the live weight or approximately 225-245lbs. at a price of $3.75/lb for whole pigs.

Lastly, there are the butcher costs which on average fall around $1/lb. on the carcass weight based on your custom cut instructions. The more meat you have cured, smoked, and sausage made adds to your costs. The less of course decreases your costs.

Here is typical pricing of a whole pig:

Farm Fees - carcass weight 245lbs X $3.75/lb = $918.75

Butcher fees - carcass weight 245lbs X $1/lb = $245.00

Total costs approximately: $1,163.75

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