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The New Pan-Normic?

I can see it in everyone's eyes when I come to town every week, it's a feeling in the air, almost like everyone is holding their breath. What will our new world look like, what will we take forward from before and what will we change and make better?

The Back Saving "Crate Skate"

Though Pastured Poultry at it's heart is a more hands on approach to farming, it doesn't mean we shouldn't use efficiencies where we can, especially when those efficiencies save our bodies from injury and unnecessary labor. The "Crate Skate" is one such efficiency we have created on our farm to help with the physical labor of using poultry crates during processing or relocation of birds. It's important to remember that the "humane" treatment of animals is extremely important, but it is equally important to realize the root word of "humane" is human, i.e. "the farmer". We can't properly care for our animals if we can't perform those tasks without injury.

The Case for Mobile Brooding

Pastured Poultry is all about movement. Except when it isn't - but we wanted to change that. Here I will consider the advantages and challenges with stationary, mobile, and field brooding. This post can also be found in the APPPA Grit issue 108.

Easy to Build Hanging Hopper Feeders

By popular request I have put together a guide for building the hanging hopper feeders we use in our pastured broiler shelters and layer coops. This design is very cost effective and in my opinion a low skill set requirement to build.