Delivery Updates and procedures due to coronavirus health risks.

March 15, 2020

We have been receiving calls, text messages, and emails with concerns on whether or not we are suspending deliveries.Rest assured, we will continue deliveries to our regularly scheduled locations without interruption. We have had to make modifications to our St. Augstine Farmers Market drop since this is held on county property, and St. Johns county has suspended all public gatherings on public property. Therefore, we have resurrected our original St. Augustine drop site @ BOG Brewery

We will be there again on the 28th of this month.Due to the concerns expressed by health care officials about the spread of coronavirus we will however, institute some common sense precautions at our order pickup locations to ensure the health of everyone involved. Personally, this whole experience reminds me a lot of preparing for a slow moving hurricane. The same nervous energy and palpable tension is in the air, coupled with irrational purchasing and stockpiling. 

We personally feel, anyone with an healthy immune system and active life has little to fear from this virus, however, we have many patrons with compromised immune systems that would have significantly higher risk, and understand the need to keep our already over burdened healthcare system in check. In order to keep our food community healthy, please observe some of the following precautions:

1)  I realize it is highly important I keep our farming family healthy so we can maintain regular and safe deliveries to all of you. Being a homeschooling family in the country we in a way are fairly isolated from the mass population and will be taking additional precautions in the coming weeks and months to ensure our health.

2) As we have and continue to do, we do not charge delivery fees to any of our scheduled pickup locations. It is extremely important for all of us to have nutrient dense foods in our diet and we will do our part to ensure that!

3) IF you are feeling unwell or suspect you are sick, regardless of the severity, please let us know in advance so we can maintain safe distances between us and other customers. Fortunately, our pickup sites are all OPEN AIR, SUN-SANITIZED spaces which are ideal for low risks gatherings. Don't be offended by the use of our home made hand sanitizers as we hand out orders, but feel free to stay in your vehicle, pop the trunk and give us a quick honk at the drop and we'll do the rest. 

4) It is important to realize people with extremely healthy immune systems can carry viruses and bacteria and be contagious even if you never experience symptoms. This is also why we will encourage taking precautions regardless of your risk group.

5) We are a community first, if you need anything or help in any way please let us know. There is nothing more awesome to witness than people coming together in challenging times!

6) Keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers. I am sure the coming weeks will require patience, rest, and perseverance. 

7) Wash your hands, cover your coughs/sneezes, and be alert.

Thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding! This is time to stay away from sugars and processed foods where possible! Even though people have the natural feeling of staying indoors and hunkering down, please make sure to spend ample time in the fresh air and sun! (Vitamin D is important for immune function!)  LASTLY, We were FINALLY able to get a good number of cows to our processor. We plan to have plenty of beef back in stock towards the end of this week and beginning of next week. Pork is all restocking soon and chicken inventory has also been replenished.Stay safe, stay healthy, stay active, and stay aware.

Warm healthy regards!

Dave & Ginger and Family

Dave Shields

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